Key learning
• Gain an understanding of the different digital marketing platforms and how they work together

• Identify the values and strengths that allow their salon to differentiate itself from the competition

• Define the salon’s brand in order to better position itself in the crowded beauty industry

• Learn about the different types of digital marketing campaigns

• Create a digital marketing campaign specific to their salon​



After spending over 12 years working in the media industry, Frederic Rousseau founded the salon chain Panache. He leveraged the power
of social media in order to quickly position his business in the crowded Canadian salon industry. In less than 4 years, Panache has become the most followed salon on social media in Canada!
Frederic is ready to share the secrets to his digital success with other salons in order to grow the industry as a whole. His newly founded consulting firm, Lumio, focuses on brand identity & social media for salons.

Horaire    9:30 à 14h 30h


Toronto - Oct 17th 


$225 - 30 000 Elite Points