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Peter (Co-Founder of GLASSBOX Barbershop & Education) began cutting and styling hair when he was 20 years of age, and trained inside the Aveda Institute and Academy in Toronto. Inspired by music and fashion, he worked at some of Toronto’s top salons, but quickly realized these shops weren’t built for short hair styling and barbering. As a result of that, in 2015 he and partners founded the first GLASSBOX Barbershop. Combining traditional barbering and contemporary mens hair dressing, Peter and Glassbox Barbershop helped revolutionize the new wave of mens hair in North America. Striving to share his insight, Peter built a curriculum based on the key elements which he considers to be the GLASSBOX fundamentals. The goal of which is to teach students not only specific haircuts and styles, but the technique behind them. The education is targeted to build the confidence of new stylists just starting out and to help advanced stylists in search of elevating, evolving and perfecting their craft.


Hailing from a small town in Ireland. Dez began his career in the hair industry in 2016. Working in various barbershops across Ireland before he felt the need to travel in search of adventure while continuing to develop his craft and nurture his knowledge. Through the greatness of instagram he discovered Glassbox Barbershop and loved what they had going on. Coming to Canada Dez was excited to explore and grow within the industry. Glassbox had already begun Glassbox academy and he was eager to get in there and work. “ With a love for tennis and past years of teaching, I knew I would be interested in educating. My first year at Glassbox, I was given a lot of opportunity to step inside the academy and take in as much knowledge as possible. I also took part in some of the hair shows and personal, one on one lessons. These experiences gave me the confidence and skills to begin my journey to becoming an educator.” Now with the tools for success in hand, Dez is set on the right path. Ready to share his knowledge and passion for the craft and help the industry flourish.  



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Welcome to GLASSBOX Academy, where our team of educators are proud to share their insight, technique and custom skills crafted for precision. Fusing traditional barbering and modern hair styling. Our courses are designed to make students feel comfortable yet challenged, with an end goal of building personal skills and knowledge. 





10am - Introduction
10:15am - Foundations of Fading Lecture (Theory)

11am - Demonstration 1
12pm - Demonstration 2
1pm - Lunch
2pm - Practical Session (Models Required) 
4pm - Recap of the day


Overview of the Day

Understanding clippers, trimmers, & other barbering tools

•Head structure, analysis and design

•Clipper guard systems

Maintain clippers and trimmers (Sanitation)

•Free-hand Clipper Cutting

•Acending Graduation Decedning Graduation

•Types of Fading and Systems



GRADUATION10am - Introduction

10am - Graduation Lecture (Theory)
11am - Demonstration
12pm - Lunch
1pm - PracticalSsession
2pm - Diagram Training 
3pm - Revision

Overview of the Day

Graduation will cover a variety of attributes one would need to achieve the basic mechanics of barbering, and how to blend scissor work into clipper work. With live demonstrations, theory and a hands-on practical session, students will be able to apply the skills, technique and knowledge collected over the last 2 day.  This, combined with a critique will provide full comprehension of a GLASSBOX haircut from beginning to end.

Alternatively, the GLASSBOX Education Team

can curate courses tailored to your specific needs.

Personal, Group or Customized training available upon request. 



GLASSBOX courses cover a range of techniques that are currently being used in the modern short hair styling and barber market. Students will observe the technical approach our educators take to accomplish on trend hairstyles, in both classic and more creative looks. Classes combine theory and hands on experience, where students have the ability to work closely with our Educators in an intimate studio. With a small teacher-to-student ratio,  we enable you to gain the most from our courses and help build confidence through hands on experience. From a combination of live demonstrations, practical sessions, diagram training, theory and philosophy,  and written exams, our curriculum provides in-depth knowledge to drive and elevate those of all ages and levels of experience. GLASSBOX programs are geared to produce results in short periods of time, with a focus on the key elements you need to succeed in this industry. It is our commitment that through the GLASSBOX fundamentals, one will achieve personal and professional progression.


course schedule

Here you will find the outline to our three day program. Book all three sections as a package or choose between one or two that pertain to your specific salon or barbershop.



10am - Introduction

10:15am - Cutting Principles Lecture (Theory)

11am - Demonstration

1pm - Lunch

2pm - Practical Session

5pm - Critique and Revision

Overview of the Day

Stylists sometimes struggle achieving masculine long hairstyle and shapes, or maybe you’re looking to formulate a new way and approach to achieving natural looks. Mens Long hair is on the rise and more predominant inside the salons and barbershops worldwide. This day will focus on how to achieve modern looks based on technique that will give you the versatility to manipulate any hair type or texture. Controlling your delivery will change your outlook and build confidence behind the chair

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Romulo Bor - Senior Educator

Connor Haynes - Educator

Sahar Agustine - Educator  

Shaun Stevens - Educator

Justin Bennett - Educator

Riley Hildebrandt - Educator

Brayden Simpson - Educator



1 Day Class - $450

2 Day Class - $900

3 Day Class - $1200



Group Rates and packages available.

All courses will be paid with a non refundable deposit. Remainder will be paid upon date of course.

Prices subject to change form time to time.

HST to be added to total.





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