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2022 theme:

French Edito.
Create your premium magazine cover image.
Celebrate and reveal the beauty of hair by embracing the
latest trends in color and style trends.


Achieve a perfect service of French Balayage or French Glossing
and suggest the best hairstyles that complement your hair color service


French Glossing.

FrenchGlossing is our new color service
in the salon, for a shaded color with a gloss treatment. Its professional 2-step technique achieves perfect regrowth coverage and shiny, lightweight lengths.


P30 model.jpg

French Balayage.

French Balayage is our professional 2-step technique
associating seamless lightening
to a nourishing gloss. Always natural looking, whatever
your balayage desire.



Candiate profiles

  • Open to all (hair) professionals: Student, salon employee, salon owner, L'Oréal Professionnel Canada portfolio team or any other Canadian artistic team

  • ​Individuals or teams of two pros, but no more

  • Each candidate/Team can submit up to 6 submission

  • You can use a competitive color to participate in the contest, but the national final will be done with 100% L'Oréal Professionnel hair color.


2022 Style & Colour Trophy

Activation Calender
Discover thge key moments, from preselection opening to grand Canadian finale.

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what do you get with
Style & Color Trophy?

Global contest and longest running live pro hair competition, going digital!

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Shine on a global stage.
Hair pros & general public worldwide are to vote for the most desirable looks.

Have an incomperable experience.

Become the most desired hair pro

Get rewarded with 


National Prizes

IMG_0553_Facetune_11-11-2021-18-00-03 2.HEIC

2021 Canadian Winner : 1ST. PRIZE KEVIN KYLE

1st Prizes $8000

  • $5000 (Travel voucher)

  • $2000 (Business Development)

  • $1000 (Spending Money)

2nd Prizes $4000

  • $2500 (Travel voucher)

  • $1000 (Business Development)

  • $500 (Spending Money)

3rd Prizes $2000

  • $1000 (Travel voucher)

  • $750 (Business Development)

  • $250 (Spending Money)

Public vote $1000

  • $500(Travel voucher)

  • $250 (Business Development)

  • $250 (Spending Money)


[SCT 2022]


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